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Diabetes Healthcare Advisor - Clinical Pharmacology

Dasman Diabetes Institute is world renowned health care service provider with a great mission of "To prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes and related conditions in Kuwait, through effective programs of Research, Training, Education and Health Promotion and thereby improve the quality of life in the population", as they explains in their website. Dasman Diabetes Institute  currently offers a number of vacancies, such as Diabetes Healthcare Advisor - Clinical Pharmacology.

Years of Experience : Two years
To answer the public’s questions in regards to Diabetes through the call centre and participate in projects related to the creation and delivery of patient education and outreach in a novel and innovative manner.
  • Provide timely and appropriate answers to questions that arise from patients, family members and friends of patients in regards to Diabetes and related disorders.
  • Maintain and continue to grow a database of frequently asked questions, standard response letters, and knowledge base of information referencing appropriate sources as necessary.
  • Participate in the creation, and update of medical information placed on the resource centre website.
  • Aid in the continued improvement of processes as it relates to the Diabetes Information Resource Centre (call centre) service.
  • Collaborate in organizing and conducting community outreach and awareness programs to elevate awareness about diabetes and related disorders.
  • Participate in ongoing departmental meetings as necessary.
  • Performs other related duties as required by the organization.
Required Skills and Expertise:
1. Bachelor of Pharmacy or Nursing from an accredited School
2. Member of a relevant professional association in country of training.
3. Minimum of one to two years of experience.
4. Proficient in Arabic and English
5. Special interest and experience in Diabetes.
6. Experience in medical writing, patient education, and/or working for a Medical Information Department is a plus.



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Nice job there its good to do job in the pharma industry.

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Cammy said...

Nice post there and that is informative also.

Anonymous said...

this job in kuwait right?

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