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Vacancy for Pharmacist fresh graduate without MOH in Dubai

Most of the fresh graduated Pharmacists are eagerly looking for a job in rich developed countries like UAE. We found an advertisement in naukrinews, which is a job portal. In that,  application for Vacancy for Pharmacist fresh graduate without MOH in Dubai is requested. As we have no direct link or collaboration with that website, we are not able to confirm the genuinity of the vacancy.

But you may please apply and accept offer, (if receive ) after proper enquiry and assessment. Please note that we have no direct relation with this job offer / job provider and we are informing you about such a vacancy that we found while searching for jobs for pharmacists.

GP Pharmacist vacancy in UAE MOH

GP Pharmacist vacancy in UAE MOH

Apply direct and get details about GP Pharmacist vacancy. 

Please click here to submit your resume. Click here

Senior Pharmacist at Canadian Specialist Hospital

As they say in their website, Canadian Specialist Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in the region and the institution of choice for referrals from small and medium-sized medical centers that lack some of our specialized diagnostic and treatment facilities. CSH has grown to become one of the most advanced and comprehensive healthcare institutions in the region. We feel that it is a great opportunity for you to work with this excellent organisation.

The vacancy of Senior Pharmacist is now available in this wonderful organisation. The duties are as follows.

  1. Dispense medications to medical outpatient/ inpatient per outpatient prescription or inpatient medication.
  2. Reviews (profile for allergies, contraindications, pharmacological duplications, drug/drug and drug/food interactions and adherence to drug restriction policies) and interprets as to the appropriateness of each prescription/ medication order before dispensing to a certain correctness of strength, dose instructions and dosage form.
  3. Provides appropriate education and information concerning the dispensed medication(s) to the concerned patient or family members.
  4. Advise/ questions/ clarified any prescription abnormality with the prescribing physician. Any unresolved problems are referred to chief pharmacist.
  5. Requests received transfers and adjust medication stock and maintain computerized records per established guidelines to ensure drug availability.
  6. Supervise the repackaging, labeling and documentation of medications for In-Patient units.
  7. Fills drug request and maintains proper records of such action.
  8. Fills unit dose patient cassettes per unit dose drug distribution policies.
  9. Answers drug related inquiries received from physicians, dentist and nurses. Those inquiries which cannot be answered with certainty are to be referred to the Pharmacy Manager.
  10. Assists in the training of pharmacist and new pharmacist staff as per the direction of the Pharmacy Manager.
  11. Performs specialty pharmacy activities, as delegated and trained.
  12. Performs other miscellaneous duties, as directed by the Pharmacy Manager.

How to Apply for Senior Pharmacist at Canadian Specialist Hospital

Click here to reach the direct applying page. Please remember that there is no money involved. Please apply directly after reading all information.


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