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Prepare effective Cough Syrup at home

After the suggestion of various medical authorities in different countries to withdraw cough syrups, cough expectorants and other cough preparations (contains so-called cough relieving allopathic medicines), people are in big confusion to find an alternative for treating cough. Here in this post we are trying to suggest you an effective natural cough syrup that can be prepared in your home by yourselves. Please remember to maintain clean conditions while preparing this instant cough syrup. This natural ginger-honey cough syrup is indicated for Cough, both dry and productive, mild throat infections and throat inflammation.

How to prepare natural cough syrup

Ingredients required:

1. Fresh natural Ginger: 100 gm Clean the surface properly and then remove the external skin and grate it into small pieces as shown in the picture.



2. Natural Honey : One table spoon, 15 ml




Take the grated pieces of Ginger, place it into a clean glass bowl and add 5 ml of cool water. (previously boiled and kept on room temperature to cool). Then crush the Ginger pieces and extract out full juice from Ginger. Use a clean fine sieve to remove fibers from the Ginger juice. Keep that filtered Ginger juice in a clean bowl.

Now mix two table spoon full of Ginger juice with one tablespoon full natural honey. Mix well. the color will become  similar to the picture given below.



That's all. Your Ginger Honey cough syrup is ready. Now for adults, consume 10 ml three or four times daily and for children aged between 2-12 can consume 5 ml 3-4 times daily. Under two years of age can consume 1- 2 ml three times daily. If the spicy taste of Ginger is more then you may add more honey because children love the taste of honey.

Points to Remember:

  1. Use glass utensils to prepare this syrup.
  2. Keep your hands clean while preparing this cough syrup.
  3. Store this Ginger Honey natural cough syrup in a glass bottle, after preparation.
  4. Store in a cool and dry place. You may keep the prepared cough syrup in 2- 8 degree Celsius for three days. But in room temperature, it can be stored for only one day.
  5. For getting ideal cough relieving activity, you must slowly swallow so that the prepared syrup will stay for more time in the throat area.


pharmacy reviews said...

I went to the Philippines last year and they have ginger tea with honey in bottles. I brought home some and it worked for me. A great alternative as a first aid treatment.

- Jenny DiCapri

Pharmacist said...

Thanks Jenni for commenting....

Clomid said...

This organically grown ginger-honey cough syrup is indicated for Cough, both dry and dynamic, mild throat infections and throat inflammation. Now mix two table spoon fully of Ginger juice with one tablespoon full natural honey.

Jimmy said...

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