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Several foreign pharmacists email and asked me about the average salary that they will get if they work in Qatar.Here is the average salary for Pharmacists.Generally, Pharmacists with same nationality are receiving more salary, i.e. almost 1.3% of salary of Foreign Pharmacists, working in the similar category.pharmacist salary in qatar

Monthly Salary of Pharmacists in QATAR

Government sector – Ministry of Health :

Starting salary is 10000 Qatari Riyal.  This includes all allowances and varies depending on the institution. The professional experience and nature of the job also have its own impact on salary. Ministry of Health is  providing excellent other facilities depending on the professional status.

Private Sector  Starting salary :

Starting salary excluding any allowances  is 8000 Qatari Riyal The allowances may be additional according to the performance of the individual. The salary may go up to 10000 Qatari Riyal depends on the offer of Overtime and other sales targets.

Please note that this information is not official, and received information from various sources. This salary may change according to the policies of the Government and other authorities.

Updated as on August 2011.

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