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Dear Pharmacists,
We became very happy when we received a request from our facebook friend Ajpti Journal, to announce about their amazing venture in the field of publishing articles. As per our suggestion Ajpti, gave us an article for all those are interested to publish articles. Hear it here direct from Ajpti Journal

"Respected Researchers.........­............. Call for Articles ......
IMPACT FACTOR INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL:.......Publi­sh with Discounted Fees..


Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation is an International, Multidisciplinary, Bimonthly, Peer Review, Open Access Journal, which publishes Original Research Article, Short Communications, Invited Reviews, Opinions & Perspectives and Book Reviews in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Sciences and Chemical Sciences. AJPTI has Impact Factor as:

Global Impact Factor =0.298

Inno Space - SJIF Scientific Journal Impact Factor = 3.291

AJPTI invites the articles in the filed of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Sciences and Chemical Sciences with discounted Fees.

We do not want fees to prevent the publication of your worthy research findings, Hence we are publishing with discounted fees.

FAST TRACK Publication Scheme: Publish within 10 days.

We are also having Pay Once, Publish for a Year Scheme : Our Open Access Model gives you opportunity to pay once and you can eventually publish in every issue of the subscribed year.

Authors can now directly send their manuscript as Online or as an email attachment to editor@asianpharmtec­ or info@asianpharmtech.­com or asianpharmtech@gmail­.com

Pls Like our official page:­asianpharmtech


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