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Pharmacist vacancy in Oman

Sultanate of Oman, the beautiful and amazing country in middle east is a land of great opportunities and good culture. Here is an opportunity to become a pharmacist in sulatanate of oman. Mr Sultan Al qatabi, who is our facebook friend and pharmacist and a great gentleman informed us through message about a vacancy as given below.

Announcement vacancies of a pharmacist in Oman

The new private pharmacy in the Sultanate of Oman wants to employ a pharmacist:

Any one interested to work in our organization must send follow requirements.

1-B-pharm certificate.
2-With three years of experience in his country of any nationality. 3-Passed promatric exam for Oman.
4-Done data flow or near to done.

Without requirements please don't send.

Pharmacy is sitting away from the capital Muscat almost about 300 km. for more information please contact by:


These information shared by : Ph  Mr Sultan Al qatabi

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